Arcadia Craft
node21.minecrafted.netL25611: This is a Faction pvp Server With many cool Plugins people Love!

Factions- This plugin has it so you can claim land and protect it from foes!

Mcmmo- Level up mcmmo and then battle to the death axe style! Or Go and disarm them With your fists!

MobArena- Bored? Go and Battle mobs in are mysterious Nether Map!
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Guy We have cool ranks on this server such as Loyal, Trusted, and Humble! Just Vote daily and catch hackers! Someday you will get the rank!

Here's a Forums Website to report those hackers, and maybe even apply for a staff job!
Some Information To make you safer
Cover bases in water or made of obby.
There is Obby braker on this server So Use extra layers!
Check someones mcmmo skill before you fight them! Use /inspect
Other people can open chests in your territory! Cover Up!!!